Criticism Helps to Build – Nevers

PRESIDENT Michael Sata should not view criticism coming from the opposition political party leaders as personal but a move aimed at helping him govern the nation according to the promises he made prior to the election.

Recalled High Commissioner to Canada Dr. Nevers Mumba said it was unfortunate that President Sata was surrounded by people who were not willing to help him govern the nation according to the principles of good governance and the respect of the rule of law.

Dr. Mumba said it was also not correct for the Patriotic Front (PF) government to suggest that the former ruling party failed to perform because the successes the PF government was riding on today was as a result of the firm and successful foundation the former administration put in place.

He said as the opposition the MMD would be required to offer sustainable checks and balances to the PF to ensure that correct and progressive decisions were met in order for the people of Zambia to benefit.

“It is not correct for the PF to think that they don’t need to be criticised, if they don’t know they depend on the MMD existence for their successes. I am not ashamed to say that the MMD performed well in government because of the ay the PF and specifically President Sata behaved while in opposition,” he said.

Dr. Mumba said the eight months of the PF in government had been disastrous as making mistakes has been the order of the day.

He said President Sata had failed to govern, resulting into an upside down kind of governance system being adopted by the PF regime.

“I am sorry to say that President Sata’s way of governance is upside down and will not inspire the people of Zambia at all levels. It is high time they realised and stop victimising and harassing people with divergent views,” he said.