Congestion in prisons breeding diseases


Congestion in prisons is still a major contributor to diseases afflicting inmates, the Prisons Care and Counselling Association (PRISCCA) has said

Executive Director Godfrey Malembeka said his organisation was making efforts to strategize on some measures to address some of the problems facing inmates in prisons.

“Efforts are being made to ensure challenges facing prisons in our country are addressed, and while doing so, my appeal is that the number of medical staff at prison clinics is increased.”

Mr Malembeka said that government knew the conditions prevailing in prisons and it was its duty to start decongesting the institutions.

He said the situation at ground was worrying and needed adequate attention because Zambian prisons had continued to be overcrowded, a situation he described as pathetic and a major source of concern to society.

Mr Malembeka appealed to the prison based nongovernmental organisations to work together so as to strengthen advocacy.

He stated that PRISCCA was working hard to ensure the welfare of prisoners in the country was addressed, adding that inmates deserved good health like any other citizens.

“This problem has led to an increase in many detrimental vices as prisoners are left to

Mr Malembeka suggested non-custodial sentences as one way of fighting congestion in prisons.