The creation of new universities political- Lungwangwa

THE creation of Universities by President Michael Sata are done out of political appeasement, says Professor Geofrey Lungwangwa.

Addressing the press yesterday, Prof Lungwangwa said that the pronouncements by President Sata about the creation of new Universities in Mansa, Palabana, Chalimbana among others were not in line with national development as those announcements lacked vision and policies.

He said the PF government had not specifield the role of the universities they were creating, adding that such moves will create discontent and disunity in the nation.

Prof. Lungwangwa said that there was need for the PF government to clearly define policies that govern such moves in order to demonstrate a clear focus for the nation’s development.

“These pronnouncements are not good for the country. There is no way this government and the President in particular can create universities in the manner they are doing. There will be a University in Palabana, there is a University in Chalimbana, and there will be a University in Mansa. This will create discontent and disunity in the nation among our people,” said Prof. Lungwangwa.

He said there was procedures, which should be followed before any creation of the University, were done with respect to its vision and policy for national development.

Prof. Lungwangwa who is MMD Nalikwanda Constituency Member of Parliament said that there was need for government to create an environment that would support the creation of the institution they were making with the consultation with various stakeholders.

Meanwhille opposition MMD has written to Members of Parliament serving in the PF government as deputy ministers to exercise loyalty and commitment to the party.

In a letter dated August 23, 2012 with the heading ‘RE: Monthly Contributions to the party’ addressed to all those serving in the PF cabinet, party treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima stated that, “It has come to the attention of the party that you have not been contributing K2 million monthly to the party ever since you were appointed Deputy Minister in the PF government. We are sure you are aware of the financial constratints in the party that sponsored your campaigns to parliament. It is our trust that loyalty and allegiance to your party has not changed, thus we expect your contribution arrears and continued subscriptions commencing this monthend,” stated Mr. Mbulakulima.

The letters were written to newly appointed Commerce deputy ministers Richard Taima and Keith Mukanta, Patrick Ngoma, Deputy Minister of Education and Vocational Training.

Others are David Phiri, deputy for Tourism, Forie Tembo Local government, Nicholus Banda, deputy minister Agriculture, Elijah Muchima Lands, and Josephine Limata deputy minister North Western Province.