Corruption fight doomed

The failure by the Zambian government to have former Zambian ambassador to the United States of America Attan Shaonsonga extradited shows that government lacks credibility in the prosecution and fight against corruption, says international lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

Mr Amsterdam said government officials involved in the fight against corruption were targeting certain individuals adding that this would be difficult for the current government to achieve its intended purpose.

He said the fight was mainly focused on political opponents adding that Shansonga would not have been given a fair trial had he been extradited.

Two weeks ago, the Danish government turned down a request from the Zambian government to have Shansonga extradited and his lawyers are now planning to sue the Zambian government for causing him to be detained in Danish cells for close to seven weeks.

Mr Amsterdam told the Daily Nation via phone from Canada that the personalised fight against corruption by the PF government was bound to fail unless the government stopped hoodwinking people into believing that their fight was for a just cause.

“Mr Shansonga would not have received a fair trial had he been extradited. The fight against corruption has been targeted for certain individuals who are perceived to be working against the government,” he said.

He pointed out that the rate at which the prosecution team led by Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito wanted to prosecute Shansonga revealed how desperate they were to bring down their perceived enemies.

“The prosecution team was so eager to prosecute him without any tangible evidence and the refusal by the Danish to hand him over to Zambia was a clear indication that the international community is not comfortable with the way the fight is being conducted,” he said.

Shansonga was arrested in June by Danish police based on a warrant of arrest issued against him in 2004 by the Zambian law enforcement agencies to answer charges of theft of public funds.

The Zambian government failed to satisfy conditions to have Shansonga extradited to Zambia to face the charges and his lawyer, Tyge Trier said he was satisfied with the decision.

Mr Amsterdam added that it was shameful that the prosecution team failed to argue their case and could not have Shansonga extradited as they wanted.

And Shansonga has advised workers in the investigating wings like the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the DPP to stop fabricating lies and evidence and instead be honest in their dealings to safe guard the lives of Zambians.

He said it was embarrassing for the Zambian government to embark on a mission to discredit innocent citizens and urged the ruling government to start acting in good faith to win international recognition.

“People in government today should try to act in good faith because they would be on the other side of the governance system the following day,” he said.

One thought on “Corruption fight doomed

  1. I think the PF government needs to be serious with issues.
    They make a move on a person that could not be prosecuted 6years ago and they think they can win. No they must start by cleaning themselves. Some of the people holding senior constitutional offices are liable on many matters but the powers that be has ignored all this and decided to appoint them to that office for what we don’t know. A lot of people in the PF administration are crooks and they are free but why waste tax payers’ money to follow someone whom you have fabricated evidence against.
    Mind you the world is watching and Zambians are watching. Your turn will come and you shall see. Amsterdam is right there is no rule of law in Zambia

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