UPND refutes Sakeni’s claims over its MPS

The United National Development Party (UPND) has reacted sharply to Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni claims that some of its MPs are secretly courting the PF government for jobs.

The party spokesperson Charles Kakoma refuted the allegations and said Mr Sakeni’s statement was unfounded.

Mr Kakoma challenged the PF government to desist from issuing statements that had nothing to do with the Zambian people, and instead focus on delivering their failed campaign promises to the people.

He explained that such statements were politically motivated and meant to divert people’s attention from PF failed campaign promises.

Mr Kakoma charged that they were many challenges the nation was facing that needed to be addressed and wondered why the PF government was concentrating on attacking the opposition.

The UPND maintained that it would continue to speak for the society for as long as the promises made by the PF government were not being honoured.

Last week, Mr Sakani who is Chief government spokesman said that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will soon be politically isolated following the interest shown by a number of his MPs to work with the PF Government.

According to reports, Mr Sakeni was alleged to have said that UPND Members of Parliament were fed up with Mr Hichilema’s pride, mischief and self interest and were now willing to work with the PF Government.

Mr Sakeni was further reported to have said that Mr Hichilema’s right to happiness was squandered, the day President Michael Sata took oath of office.

But UPND parliamentarians disclosed that no one who was willing or ready to work with the government of the day because it has failed to deliver to the people of Zambia.

Shangombo MP Poniso Njeulu said such moves were meant to discourage Zambians to have access of choosing their preferred leader.

He said UPND was one of the political parties that had disciplined and loyal members that were eager to serve the nation with integrity.