“As FODEP awaits to see how Kabimba will handle the Constitution making process”

Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) has said that Zambian people are expectant of how the newly appointed Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba will handle the Constitution making process issue.

FODEP executive director Mac Donald Chipenzi said that Mr. Kabimba was one of the people who had a lot of reservations with some issues and especially contentious clauses such as the running mate 50 percent +1 threshold for the winning presidential candidate in the Constitution.

Mr. Chipenzi said Justice Ministry had a huge task of undertaking genuine and political judicial reforms as well as delivering a people’s driven and owned Constitution.

“Being a very crucial ministry in the dispensation of justice, we therefore hope that the new Minister will rise above partisan interests in the discharge of his ministerial duties and ensure that justice is delivered to all Zambians regardless of their party, religious, regional and tribal affiliations,” he said.

He charged that he expected that government was correctly advised on legal matters and that the Judiciary operated without government interference as it had been so far observed since the PF government assumed power.

“This will help restore public confidence in the work of the judiciary and in the principle of separation of power among the three arms of Government.

And Mr. Chipenzi said he believed that the only way for the PF government Constitution be respected was to stop Mr. Kabimba continue holding his position as the party secretary general, to reduce fears of politicization of the Ministry.

Last week President Sata sacked justice minister Sebastian Zulu and replaced him with Mr Kabimba.