We did not promise jobs- Kabimba

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government did not promise jobs, says newly appointed Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

But MMD vice presidential aspirant Muhabi Lungu has said that the PF should accept that it has failed to come up with policy direction in the management of the nation hence the failure to create jobs for all.

During a live debate on Muvi TV’s Hot Issues programme, Mr. Kabimba said that the PF government did not promise jobs during its campaign trial last year.

Mr. Kabimba, who is also PF General Secretary said government had a plan which they were working on to allow for job creation, adding that it was not correct for people to attach a specified time frame to development when the party was voted on a five year mandate.

Prior to the 2011 general election President Michael Sata and the PF campaigned on the premise that they would create jobs and improve the lives of Zambians within 90 days if voted into power.

Other notable promises President Sata made were the restoration of the Barotse Agreement of 1964, giving small scale farmer 15 bags of farming inputs, increasing salaries of workers, enactingZambia’s constitution which will allow for 50 per cent plus one presidential threshold and Vice president running mate.

Mr. Kabimba who was avoiding answering several pertinent questions, explained that President Sata’s government was committed to creating decent jobs as pronounced a few months ago inNdola.

He accused the former MMD regime of destroying the employment prospective in the manner they governed the nation.

Mr. Kabimba argued that the PF government’s decision to change ministries and the create new districts and provinces would create an enabling environment for development across the country.

But MMD Vice presidential aspirant Muhabi Lungu has urged the PF government to be bold enough and apologize to the people ofZambiafor creating false hopes.

Mr. Lungu said it was unfortunate that the PF government would today refuse having promised Zambians jobs.

He said the PF had lost track because of overrating itself on many promises it made, adding that being in government was different from being in opposition.

“Minister (Kabimba) tell us how much jobs you have created in the 11 months you have been in power to benefit the people ofZambia? All what you are talking about is allegations because you don’t have facts even simple statistics,” said Mr. Lungu.

Mr. Lungu urged the PF led administration to put its house in order to bring the citizens’ dreams come true.


2 thoughts on “We did not promise jobs- Kabimba

  1. CNP never made claims in paper media so there is no evidence of the campaign talks.
    His Pals at “The Post” would never write his campaign issues as they knew it would be used as evidence.
    The whole campaign was talk,talk,talk to the people who were illiterate in villages and those in compounds who only came for Chitenge’s.
    Most left with new clothes but the King Cobra was left with None.

    Now all can see his nakedness and shame.

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