Doctor’s car grabbed for helping HH

 Gallant Youth of Zambia (GYZ) has charged that the investigating wings on Monday confiscated former president Rupiah Banda’s personal physician’s vehicle because he accepted to sign a medical report for opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema after UTH doctors refused to do so.

The organisation’s executive director Henry Mulenga has challenged the investigating wings to come out in the open and tell the truth instead of alleging that Doctor Desai did not follow procedure when he bought the vehicle.

Hakainde was last month tear- gassed after police had summoned him to report at central police station inLusaka.

GYZ has said Doctor Desai was senior person who was entitled to buy the vehicle at a reduced price after serving for three consecutive years in the former government.

Mulenga said his organisation will not sit idle and watch police fight political battles against former senior government officials on behalf of appointing authorities and challenged the investigating wings to respect political players despite belonging to different parties.

“Dr Desai was entitled to buy the vehicle at a reduced price after serving for three consecutive years but the police, acting under instructions, grabbed it because he gave the UPND president a medical report after doctors at UTH, also acting under instructions had refused” Mulenga said.

“Police should not spread political persecutions that have been raging since the PF came into power.  Their actions are an upfront attack on democracy and we are ready to fight this kind of war by the police.”

After the police fracas at central police station, doctors at UTH, acting under instructions refused to give HH a medical report even after he had sought audience with senior police officers.

Mulenga said as a trained doctor, Desai was in order to provide the medical report but his moves have been misunderstood and police were acting under instructions to intimidate a professional man.

“Originally, the vehicle bore a GRZ number plate but after buying it, the doctor followed procedure with the Ministry of Works and Supply to change the number plate to a private number,” Mulenga said.