K100m maize scam unearthed in Kalomo

A FRA satellite depot in Kalomo has been closed to pave way for investigations following the unearthing of a maize scam involving over 2,000 bags of first grade white maize worth more than K100 million allegedly stolen by a buyer engaged by the agency.

Police sources confirmed receiving a report over the matter while the district administration also admitted in two separate interviews that the named buyer was engaged to buy maize by FRA at Kasukwe depot.

Kalomo district was in the FRA last maize marketing season marred with fraudulent purchases which saw a number of some suspects’ personal assets  being impounded by a combined team of government investigators and are still being kept at the local police station while some cases are in the courts of law.

He is alleged to have issued produce received certified notes (PRCNs) to some farmers who purported to have supplied maize to the agency when they had not.

“Its true that the agent has been nabbed and we cannot give you details now but we will in due course, people are writing fake receipts purporting that maize was received when in fact not”, the source said.

Police in the area confirmed that this was not the first time such thefts were being reported and added that the suspect who is detained in custody will help the Police with investigations into how this criminal activities were being carried out.

And Kalomo district commissioner, Omar Munsanje has maintained that he would not tolerance any youths found engaging themselves in maize scandals after being empowered by his administration.

He lamented that while the youth were crying for employment which saw a number of them getting employment by FRA in the 23 satellite depots dotted in the district, some youth have failed to exhibit good working morals.

“These youths are crying everyday that they want employment and the government has given them employment and what do they do?, they start stealing from their employer again, Munsanje said.

The scam was reported to have been discovered by a team of FRA inspecting team after some watchmen at the shed suspected malpractices in the manner receipts were issued at the satellite depot early this week.