Stop making promises PF told

MMD Lunte Member of Parliament Felix Mutati has said the PF government’s performance in their one year in office has not been inspiring.

Mr Mutati has  also appealed to President Sata to stop making more promises but settle down and respond to various challenges facing the people of Zambia.

“The first statement to the PF is that they must settle down and refrain from making any further and additional promises because the many promises they made have not been fulfilled,” he said.

Mr. Mutati said that the PF government should now adjust to the reality of governance and realize that they were in go

“I want to talk about the about the general PF government’s performance for the period they have been in government and the one million jobs they have promised to create in five years they will be in office.

“It is now over due and they must refrain from making additional promises going forward. They must adjust to the reality of governance and improve upon their pace towards development in order to meet desperations from the people of Zambia,” he said.

Mr. Mutati observed that it was sad that the PF had failed “and now we are increasingly seeing that they are surrendering themselves to bureaucracy in what I will call red tape and also the cumbersome nature of the procurement processes.”

He said it was no longer important to continue making mistakes arising from the many promises they made but to try to come up with policies that would help them have a direction to resolve the challenges the nation was facing.

He said Zambians were still waiting for the PF government to come up with policy direction in addressing high levels of unemployment.

Mr. Mutati said that the PF government had failed because of lack of policy adherence which he said was the major problem.

“Policy adherence is a major problem in this government. The organization, particularly between ministries has been a disaster. The various changes that took place have actually compounded to this particular process of settling and policy adherence.

In any governance process they should not be afraid to make mistakes for them to learn. We have seen that at ministerial level they are too much indecisions, these people cannot make decisions because they fear that they will make mistakes,” he said.