Work professionally, Milupi tells police

Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) says police must show professionalism in the execution of their duties and avoid working under instructions from PF cadres.

ADD President Charles Milupi charged that President Michael Sata was not sincere when he called for the country to push for peace and yet he allowed F cadres to intimidate and instigate violence at the slightest provocation.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Milupi said the action by the PF cadres to instruct Police without being arrested simply showed that they were acting under instruction.

“If Mr Sata says he is pushing for peace, then he is not sincere because his cadres follow what he says and if he stood firm and condemned them in public, the cadres will ensure they behave and respect the law,” Milupi observed.

He said Mr Sata detested violence but, it was sad and disappointing that people who were involved in the act of violence were from the ruling party.

“It was just a day before when President Sata in parliament was talking and appealing for peace and unity, but the PF cadres do not understand his language, he needs to talk to them” he said.

Mr Milupi expressed shock at the levels of intolerance in the country, especially among the political leadership, adding that the language used by the President was posing threat to democracy and was bound to put the security of the nation at risk.

He explained that for as long as President Sata continued targeting people with divergent views, the PF cadres would not stop threatening innocent individuals, a situation he described as unfortunate.

He advised the law enforcement agencies to be vigilant and execute their work professionally rather than being used to fight political battles.

Mr Milupi condemned the police officers for failing to protect the citizens because of the manner they were conducting their duties, adding that “an arrest could have been carried out on the PF cadres who perpetrated violence during the funeral service of Mama Betty Kaunda at cathedral of the Holy Cross but nothing has been done.”

He said the police have failed to act professionally adding that even if the church bans cadres from any church gatherings, they will not stop perpetrating violence because they believe that they have the support of their leaders.