NRP- doubts Kabimba inquiry

NATIONAL Revolution Party (NRP) has questioned the credibility of the investigations the Anti-Corruption Commission carried out against Justice and Defence Ministers Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) which subsequently cleared Mr. Kabimba of any wrong doing.

According to a letter written by NRP president Reverend Cosmo Mumba dated October 18, 2012 addressed to the Director General, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) states that the findings or investigations lacked merit and credibility.

Rev Mumba also said that it was in the best interest President Michael Sata instituted a tribunal to investigate the misconduct of Mr. Kabimba because the current ACC was unable to conduct its investigations in an enabling and impartial manner.

“Our party also demands that President Sata constitute a tribunal to investigate Mr. Kabimba over his misconduct and allegations of corruption because ACC has shown signs of double standards and biasness in the manner it conducts itself.

I also refer to the Post Newspaper edition of 17th October 2012 which stated that Mr. Kabimba has been found with no case to answer, while GBM has been found with a case to answer. Our party would like to find out how and what criteria did the commission’s investigation team use to clear Mr. Kabimba with overwhelming evidence that he participated in pushing for trafigura to get the US$500 million oil tender deal after receiving kick backs,” he said.

Mr. Mumba also said that his party was demanding that the commission extend its investigations into the fertilizer procurement.

“Secondly we want the ACC to investigate Mr. Kabimba’s relationship to one of the board of directors of Nelia Investment a company that took Omnia and Nyiombo to court on corruption allegations in the tender and award of the lucrative farming input contract but later withdrew the matter,” Rev. Mumba said.

He also challenged ACC to investigate how Mr. Kabimba was bestowed with the status of State Counsel because he believes that the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) was not consulted on the matter.

“We have friends within LAZ who have also questioned how Mr. Kabimba was bestowed with State Counsel status when his track record is very clear on his past activities where he cheated or misled the public that he represented a certain company when he did not and that company or family lost land. ACC and LAZ can you also investigate this matter and tell the nation the truth rather than being rubberstamps,” he said.

Rev. Mumba also demanded that ACC extend its investigations to establish the Post Newspapers involvement in the corruption allegations against two ministers following their biased against Mr. Mwamba.