Human rights activist to sue govt

A concerned human rights activist plans to sue government over the inhuman conditions obtaining in Zambia’s prisons.

Foundation for Justice and Human Rights chairperson Christopher Shalwabala has accused government of having grossly neglected the welfare of prisoners in the country.

Mr Shalwabala said that after visiting Lusaka Central, Mwembeshi and Kabwe‘s Mukobeko prisons, he felt compelled to ask government to do something about the poor living conditions of inmates.

He said “We cannot celebrate independence when our brothers and sisters are still living in beyond slavery conditions in prisons “he said.

Mr.Shalwabala said as a result of poor living conditions in prisons, a number of inmates have died after contracting various communicable diseases.

He said the situation was unfortunate especially that some of the inmates were innocent but were being subjected to such inhuman treatment

“It is for this reason that I am planning to sue government so that it can do something about the conditions in our prisons. It is unbelievable   that we can subject our brothers and sisters in prisons to such appalling conditions 48 years after independence,”

“I will definitely sue government over the inhuman treatment of prisoners inZambia, ”said Mr Shalwabala.

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