Ngambela shocked by torture

 The undressing and torturing of 17 detainees at Kaoma Prison by security personnel is depressing and shocking, says the Ngambela of Barotseland Clement Sinyinda  

And the administration has demanded that the findings of the Rodger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry be made public.

Speaking on behalf of the BRE, Mr Sinyinda said it was sad that innocent suspects could now be turned into victims of torture and harassment by authorities.

Mr Sinyinda said even with such actions by the State, the Lozis will not change their resolve to secede from the rest of Zambia and will continue to demand for what belonged to them through peaceful means.

He said that it was not fair that innocent people could be treated in that manner for unexplained reasons and later denied medical attention.

The Ngambela said the Lozis have been working on their secession plans in a peaceful manner and it was unfair that people who were expressing their views could be treated in such a manner.

“We are very disappointed with what is happening to our people. They are being tortured for unknown reasons and as Lozis we shall not stop to fight for what is rightfully ours,

“We are trying to get our State through peaceful means because we are admirers of Mahatma Ghandi and we believe that we shall attain our goal because we are a peaceful people.

He appealed to the international community to come to their aid so that injustice that was being perpetuated on the innocent Lozis by the Zambian security officers was checked.

Mr Sinyinda insisted the people that tore the draft constitution for the republic of Zambia were innocent victims.

He said the 1964 Barotse Agreement was not a political matter but a legal issue and warned that no one will ever change what was already there.

He challenged the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to investigate the matter of torture because this was an abuse of human rights.

On the Chongwe Commission of Inquiry, Mr Sinyinda said the reports should not be tempered with and reproduced in full.

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