Nkoya’s want the Litunga to explain BRE issues

The Nkoya Royal Establishment (NRE) has called on the Litunga to come out in the open and explain the many issues in Western Province.

NRE chairperson Edwin Nkomesha said that they were a lot of uncertainties in the region that needed the attention of the Litunga who has so far said remained quiet.

Mr Nkomesha said that several issues such as the secession ofWesternProvincehad remained unsolved, thereby putting many ethnic groups in suspense.

There was need for the Litunga to apologise to the people because what was pertaining on the ground was likely to bring confusion in the area.

The Nkoyas have also advised government not to take people for granted, instead should be consultative if they were to create room for peace and stability in the country.

He said a lot had to be done inWesternProvinceto ensure peace and unity was restored, especially that they were internal misunderstanding among ethnic groups.

“The Litunga must come out in open, because what is happening as at now is not healthy, especially in maintaining peace and unity. He must apologise to the people because what is happening in the area has left people with anxiety, hence the need to resolve these problems once and for all,” he said.

He further called on the recognition and the presence of the two Nkoya chiefs, Mutondo and Kahare in the area.

“We feel belittled whenever our chiefs are not recognised, especially that they can also contribute and provide a lasting solution to some issues affecting the province.”

Mr Nkomesha said it was saddening that the Nkoya people were undermined, claiming that the situation in Western Province should not leave the Nkoyas losing power because they too deserved freedom through their indigenous Chiefs.