PF failures worry NAREP

NAREP on the Copperbelt is saddened with ZAMTEL employees throughout Zambia that have been receiving letters of termination of contract, without government intervention.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Copperbelt coordinator Jevan Kamanga said the PF government’s failure to listen to cries of the people was a sure recipe for its downfall because it would lose popularity.

NAREP said PF’s failure to look after the peoples’ interests will make it lose popularity among the citizens and the consequences will be dire.

Mr Kamanga said NAREP was concerned about the growing trend of unemployment in the country, adding that it was sad some of the ZAMTEL employees on the Copperbelt his week started receiving their terminal letters.

He said such a situation should not be easily accepted because it was drawing back the country into an insecure state of living.

“As NAREP we want to plead the case of ZAMTEL employees who are scared and feel insecure in their jobs. We are seriously concerned about the ever growing level of unemployment in our nation with more people being sent to the streets,” he said.

He said the PF government gave major promises to the people ofZambiaand one of which was to reverse the sale of ZAMTEL and they promised permanent jobs to Zambians.

“We want to appeal to President Michael Sata to look into the plight of ZAMTEL employees to reverse the Termination of Contracts exercise,

“ PF is becoming unpopular day by day by through decisions like this, and we don’t take pride in the failure of others but we can’t sit back while such vices are going on” he said