Unless a financial miracle happens the Catholic run Our Lady’s hospice in Kalingalinga will this month close down its in-patient service,
A critical financial crisis has crippled the operations of the Kalingalinga hospice which will be forced to curtail services by closing down the in-patient section.

The virtual death knell for the hospice was the increase in the minimum wage which has now pushed cost beyond what Volunteers have been able to contribute to maintain the hospice.

As a start the in patient service will be closed down leaving a skeleton day service that supports patients from within Kalingalinga and beyond.  “We have tried everything to raise money from within and outside the country but it appears that we cannot raise enough to maintain the services.” The hospice is now in the process of treating the last inpatients and by December 31st all the patients will have been discharged. “It will be sad”, he said, “that critical patients requiring constant observation will not be admitted.

Officials at the hospice told the nation that services were now in the process of being reduced to respond to the reduced support.

And workers at the hospice expressed sadness that they would not only be losing jobs but that the community will be losing a vital service that helped them.