Nevers tells off disloyal MPs

Sunday, December 9, 2012

OPPOSITION MMD president Nevers  Mumba has told MMD Members of Parliament (MP) who were  fond of sneaking into State House to lobby for jobs to leave the former ruling party and join the Patriotic Front (PF) instead of pretending to be royal members of the party when in actual were dishonest members and were being used to destabilize the party by the PF Government.

Dr Mumba said dishonest MMD MPs should go and join the PF because they were not serving any purpose, adding that he would be more comfortable to be with few MPs who were royal to the party than to be with many MPs who were not honest and were always sneaking into State House to destabilize the former ruling party in exchange for money and jobs.

The opposition MMD president was speaking in Ndola yesterday during the meeting with the Ndola MMD district and constituency officials which was attended by Copperbelt provincial vice-chairman Joseph Zulu, provincial women chairperson Edith Mataka and other party officials and cadres.

Dr Mumba said he was sure that once indiscipline and dishonest MPs and officials were removed from the party, the MMD would be able to fight battles with the PF Government and ensure that it emerged victorious and save Zambia from the selfish, greedy and corrupt PF Government which was leading the country into collapsing.

“Those MPs who are always sneaking into State House to lobby for jobs should leave MMD and join PF, instead of pretending that they were royal to the former ruling party. I would be more comfortable with 20 royal and commited MPs than to be with many dishonest MPs who are always sneaking into State House to destabilize the party in exchange for money and jobs. With few committed and royal MPs, am assured of winning the battle, “ Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba also said there was no crisis in the MMD, but that the former ruling party was just trying to uphold discipline and ensure that job seekers and sell-outs were gotten rid-off so that the party could remain with genuine officials who were ready to sacrifice for the party and not those who wanted to sell the party to the PF.

He said the expulsion of former National Secretary Major Kachingwe from the MMD was an issue which was started by some MMD MPs who thought his activities were not in the interest of the party and so he should not be blamed for the expulsion of Major Kachingwe.

“After getting the concerns of some MMD MPs about Major Kachingwe’s activities, i decided to talk to him (Major Kachingwe) and i thought that was the end of the story, but i was surprised to receive a call a day later that Major Kachingwe had been roughed up by some youths after announcing my expulsion from the party.

“So people should not think that the decision to expel Major Kachingwe was done by me as an individual, it started a long time ago by some MMD MPs who were not happy with his activities and the decision to expel him was done by the NEC.

“Even the youths who roughed him up were his youths whom he invited for the press briefing,but they were shocked by his statement that he had expelled the party president, hence roughing him up. In fact, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and Muvi TV should replay that Video so that we see the people who beat up Major Kachingwe because our members are being pursued that they beat up Kachingwe when in actual fact they were not even there,’ He said

Dr Mumba said he was disappointed that the PF government had concentrated on weakening the MMD through buying its MPs and other senior oficials, instead of planning how best it would fulfill its campaign promises of putting more money in people’s pockets, more jobs for the youths and others things.

He said the PF government was determined to kill the MMD because it was scared that the former ruling party had the ability to recover from its loss and bounce back into government especially that the PF had made a lot of blunders in the more than one year it had been in government.

He said the PF had made alot of blunders from the time it formed government and people were now regretting voting for PF and so it was important that MMD members remain united so that they could defeat the PF in the 2016 elections.

“People want the MMD back into government because the PF has made a lot of blunders which has made people to regret voting for them. During the time of the MMD government, we did not experience mealie meal shortageS, but now, almost every district in the country is experiencing mealie meal shortages.

“Apart from mealie-meal shortage, there is also the issue of delayed payment of farmers and the delayed delivery of agricultural inputs. All these things are pointing to the failure of the PF government to govern and plan for the country’s food security. Mind you, there are just more than a year in government, but a lot of confused things have happened in the country.

“So MMD members should be united and fight the PF government. We should always remind the PF to fulfill its campaign promises. It is really sad that, instead of fulfilling its campaign promises, the PF wants to kill the MMD, but they will not manage because we are also a strong force,” He said.



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