Shielding offenders

We feel for the Governor of the Bank of Zambia Mr. Michael Gondwe.

It is not easy to absorb blame for criminal activities within an institution when these effectively happened before his assumption of office.

Sadly as chief executive he has the duty and responsibility to lance the boil and expunge it in order to restore health, integrity and wholeness.

The theft from the Bank must be fully investigated, there should be no sacred cows and the Governor can be rest assured that we as a newspaper are following closely the proceedings and will not sit back until and unless the great harm, fraud and sheer impunity are rectified. For as long as the bank seeks to shield and absolve those responsible then the bad press will continue and we shall take it upon ourselves to investigate further and expose the fraud that shall be allowed to continue.

We would like to know for example who authorized the opening and operation of the Tedworth account in New   York.

As far as we understand it the Task Force through the Bank of Zambia sequestrated the Tedworth properties and should have kept an account of proceeds including rentals.  It is therefore surprising and most certainly against the patriot Act in the United States of America that somebody in Zambia instructed the UNHCR to remit rentals to New York.  This is a clear case of criminality and open theft that cannot be excused or indeed covered up.  An expeditious investigation into this and other thefts will help heal and restore the image of the Central Bank.

Our appeal to the Governor therefore is that instead of pandering to those trying to take diversionary tactics by attacking the movement of multi party democracy must be disregarded for the grater cause of institutional integrity.

Living democracy

It is totally unacceptable that a party president and his entourage could be arrested on the highway on account of meeting a chief on a courtesy call.  This form of harassment is not only undemocratic but is an abuse of the police and the judiciary.  There is no law that demands that a political leader must obtain prior approval to meet with a chief, least of all there is no law that demands that a political leader must obtain permission or a permit from the police to hold an assembly.

These are abuses that are tantamount to the abrogation of fundamental rights as enshrined in our constitution.  The Constitution guarantees every citizen the right of association the right of conscience, the right of expression and generally the right o move in the country without any let or hindrance.

What is happening in our country today is not only sad but a real danger to the peace, tranquility and good name that we have enjoyed.  As we have said before power is ephemeral and those exercising it today must remember that a time will come maybe in four years time when this power will be lost and they can be rest assured that those injured today, those ill treated today, those held in prison for trumped up charge will seek redress.