Gabriel Namulambe defects to PF

Gabriel_Namulambe1MMD Chairperson for Elections Gabriel Namulambe has resigned from the party to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr. Namulambe announced his defection to the PF with other members from Mpongwe during a press briefing at the PF secretariat in Lusaka yesterday.

He said he did so because he wanted to work with the current government, claiming that MMD had lost direction.

Mr Namulambe said he decided to ditch the former ruling party because he had realised that the PF was a progressive party that was committed to bring development to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Namulambe stated that he would not want to remain in a party that was sinking like the MMD which was now embroiled in serious internal wrangles.


2 thoughts on “Gabriel Namulambe defects to PF

  1. Dear Friends,

    We as Zambians have the responsibility of bringing sanity to our political sphere, but we can only do that if we team up and make one formidable opposition political party (Not the defragmented ones we have now). If we manage to do that we shall surely reverse the trend of MP’s moving in one direction, because their are those who also want to get away from the Kabimbarism in PF but there is nowhere to go so they have decided to sit on the fence.

    Let us form one opposition political party if we profess to be working for the Zambian peolpe. Let us do away with greed.

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