Sata blamed for PF fights

satajpgPresident Sata should be blamed for the cantankerous behaviour of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who has now grown big headed and is disparaging his fellow ministers, Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) has said.

The President has also been challenged to investigate fully the cause of the differences between Patriotic Front Secretary general Wynter Kabimba and Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda.

Employees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the differences between the two had nothing whatsoever to do with policy or official matters but had everything to do with some decisions that the ministry had made regarding one officer who was recalled from London for incompetence and has since been re-assigned in Lusaka.

There was pressure, they said for the officer to be appointed Chief of Protocol but all the departmental heads were against the appointment because the person in question was not suitable, “She has not been able to perform in any assigned role and elevating her to chief of protocol would have been a mistake.”

Yesterday Wynter was reported to have written to Hon. Given Lubinda asking him to exculpate himself for working against the party by leaking information to the media and working with the opposition MMD.  “The President has an extensive array of intelligent gathering information he should therefore look into this matter and not let it affect the performance of Mr Lubinda”

Reacting to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba`s ultimatum  given to Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda to  exculpate himself to the PF disciplinary committee within seven days over the allegations that he was leaking secret information to private media, Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) director Henry Mulenga said Mr Kabimba was a disgrace to the Zambian people.

Mr Mulenga told the Daily Nation that it was unfortunate that the Justice Minister was behaving in a manner that was denting his image to the public.

Mr Kabimba has accused Mr Lubinda of leaking information to the private media as well as to the online publications.

Mr Kabimba alleged that some PF members were also aware that Mr Lubinda was the one behind leaking information in the media adding that the action was against the party`s norms.

Mr Mulenga also maintained that President Sata should be blamed because of over protection to Mr Kabimba.

“It is president Sata to blame because he has turned a blind eye to Mr Kabimba and because of that he (Kabimba) is now growing big headed because of the protection from the President. This is worrying. He cannot compare what he is doing to Mr Lubinda,” he said.

He challenged Mr Kabimba to stop provide proof that it was Lubinda who leaked information to the media.

“Mr Kabimba must know that people are not happy with what he is doing and no one should be blamed for leaking information.” he said.