Kenneth Kaunda censured for being PF agent

Kenneth-David-KaundaA clergyman has questioned former Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda to state the role he is playing to destroy the political system in the country.

And UPND’s Elisha Matambo has challenged the former Head of State to explain his involvement in active politics since he was now enjoying his retirement package.

Senior Pastor of GospelHouseCityChurch in Luanshya Rev Jevan Kamanga said that Dr Kaunda as a father of the nation should not take sides in issues of governance and wondered why he had turned himself into a recruiting officer for the PF.

Rev Kamanga said that by siding with the PF government and Mr Sata the former head of state was just becoming a laughing stock since he had nothing really to offer to the nation.

“It is embarrassing that the father of this nation has now turned into being the recruiting officer of PF. The entire First Republican President, instead of being a unifying factor is now encouraging people to join Mr Sata and PF. This is a clear picture that PF is heading towards the UNIP traits which Dr Kaunda used to destroy this nation.

“At the rate things are going in Zambia, we are likely to get back into the UNIP years. Instead of Dr. Kaunda advising on how Mr. Sata will save the nation from this Mealie-Meal shortage, or how the unemployment issue will be sorted out or even how these corruption allegations among his senior Ministers can be dealt with to clean the shame of leading a corrupt government the Dr. Kaunda doesn’t see all that. The good he sees are the moments he is called to accompany President Sata on trips or at State House and used as a rubber stamp,” he said.

Rev Kamanga charged that Dr. Kaunda was very much aware that the Public Order Act is a colonial Act whose intention was to dehumanise a black man so that his Independence agenda would be thwarted and to use it to this magnitude was tantamount to infringing on the hard fought Democracy.

He said that Zambians were watching with keen interest  the friendship between Dr Kaunda and Mr Sata and one day Zambians will judge the relationship.

“I want to appeal to Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to withdraw from these partisan politics and help unite this nation otherwise, he will sink together with the Titanic.

“Furthermore, I want to appeal to the opposition in its entirety, to join forces and put PF in its position. This is no time to hide and be cowards. Remember, Mr. Sata got 46% of the votes which means 54% didn’t vote for him. From the look of things, he is way below that 46% now,” Rev Kamanga said.

And the UPND on the Copperbelt has urged opposition MPs to stop the funding of Dr Kaunda’s retirement package.

Provincial Chairperson Elisha Matambo said that it was clear that the former head of state had become a recruitment agent for the ruling party and wondered why he should continue to receive his retirement package.

Mr Matambo challenged Dr Kaunda to tell the people of Zambia that he had gone back to active politics and had joined PF.

“Dr Kaunda is a politician and we should stop funding him. If it was Rupiah Banda doing this, he would have been in trouble and his funding would have been withdrawn but what’s so special with KK.

“Let him declare that he is now the mobilisation chairman for the PF. Why is he siding with a political party when he is supposed to promote unity among all political parties in the country? KK has missed it because his behaviour is uncalled for.

“Let him tell us the truth and we shall meet him in the battle field. He is the one that told Zambians that Sata can’t be President but could work better under someone so can he tell us now why he is always following President Sata wherever he goes,” Matambo said.

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  1. Dr. Kaunda should not think we have forgotten what he did to this country. We will stop him again as we did in 1990.

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