Sata challenged to tame Wynter

President Michael Sata has been challenged to stop his party Secretary General from destroying the ruling Patriotic Front and the democracy of the country.

Forum for Democracy and Development member Brebner Changala has  said that  it was unfortunate that Mr Sata has continued to allow such type of behaviour from Mr Wynter Kabimba who has continuously attacked several members of the ruling party for unknown fears.

Mr Changala said that Mr Sata should stop this destruction because he would be held accountable if the hard earned democracy in this country collapsed.

He wondered why Mr Kabimba was so vocal when it came to attacking other party members and yet the  President  remained mute on the injustices that the Zambians people have been subjected to.

He observed that the attacks on Mr Lubinda were unwarranted and that it was the secretary general himself that needed to be disciplined.

The opposition members said it was a pity that the chief executive of the party had decided to destroy a party that had seemed to be strong when in opposition.

“This destruction that Wynter has embarked on would lead to the destruction of PF and the eventual  downfall of Michael Sata.

“Why has Mr Sata tolerated Kabimba so much when so many party members have complained about his behaviour which we in the opposition have also condemned?

“The PF would be in a crisis if they frustrated the efforts of Given Lubinda, Alexander Chikwanda and Wilbur Simuusa because this is the cream of the party.

“Lubinda represents an image of sanity and Kabimba can’t be compared to the three I have mentioned,” Changala said.

He said that if Mr Sata wanted to succeed he must immediately tame his secretary general because he had a destructive hand.

Mr Changala charged that Mr Kabimba did not mean well for the Patriotic Front and the country because he had an agenda that was not good for the betterment of this country.

He advised Mr Sata to quickly listen to the party members that were asking him to discipline Mr Kabimba if he does not want his ship to sink.