PF can’t fight corruption- Kaingu

ZAMBIANS should not expect the Patriotic Front (PF) to fight corruption because it have too many people who supported it to take care of, says MMD vice president for Political Affairs Dr. Michael Kaingu.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Kaingu said that it was not possible for  President Sata and the PF government to be  committed to the fight against corruption especially that the head of state is in the forefront protecting suspects in corrupt probes.

Commenting on the revelations by the Daily Nation that ACC has halted the corruption investigations involving Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for fear of dismissals, illegal transfers and victimization from politicians, Dr. Kaingu said that it was difficult for the PF to fight corruption because they did not have the capacity to do so.

“It will be difficult for the PF to start any corruption fight because its leaders were all corrupt people. This government is a corrupt regime and we don’t expect them to fight corruption. They had so many people who supported them during the 2011 general elections and it is payback time. So Zambians especially those with companies in the construction sector, hotels and tourism and general dealers should not expect to benefit because they (PF) have a list of people they need to satisfy,” he said.

Dr. Kaingu said the corruption in the PF had manifested in the manner that those close to the President were wielding their power against their colleagues including those that supported and funded the party.

He said that there was a danger of people who were favoured by the President to do things with impunity.

“Wynter Kabimba is a living example, this is where you should try and get as many good people as possible to help you run the government in a democratic and transparenct manner and not those doing it for patronage. We have the issue of Ilunda Chalo where it is now clear that, that company is not PF but for President Sata, Kabimba and their friend and Indian who runaway from Ivory Cost and Sierra Leone,” he said.

Dr. Kaingu said that it was glaring that the PF government lacked commitment in the manner they were addressing the issues of corruption because they had taken all people who were facing corruption charges into Foreign Service including those that were convicted.

He said, “People should not  think that the PF government is fighting corruption when people facing corruption charges, some with cases before the courts of  law have gone into PF, some have been appointed to senior positions.

“Look at the convicted George Mpombo he is now in Nigeria as Deputy High Commissioner. No wonder we are saying that it is payback time. They cannot fight corruption because they have too many people to satisfy ,” he said.