Probity and wholeness

Every normal Government is supposed to be the embodiment of probity and epitome of sound leadership.

Sadly this is not the case.

Integrity has ceased to exist in our country. Individuals guilty of forgery or indeed those arraigned in courts of law are appointed to senior Government positions leaving judges and magistrates in a quandary.

They are not the only ones.  Ordinary Zambians especially those who believe in the rule of law and respect of public property ethics and morality are wondering why a government premised on the 10 commandments in a Christian country should allow appointments to public offices individuals with shady characters.

Some uncharitable Zambians have suggested that the bar of probity has been so deliberately compromised in order to allow corruption and abuse of authority.

The government should not be surprised when Zambians take it upon themselves to challenge some decisions in the courts of law.

This will be done to protect instruments of governance and to uphold the values of morality and integrity.

Since the government appears to be unconcerned by ensuring the highest possible values then those interested, those concerned and indeed those who are patriotic enough to serve the greater needs of our country will join in and ensure that we do not slide back into the grimness of the one-party state.

MMD Survival

The movement for multi-party democracy MMD is at its weakest with all indications that its enemies are determined to deal a death knell to the once vibrant party that liberated the people of Zambia from the tentacles of one-party totalitarianism. As an opposition party there is every reason to fear that those opposed to democracy will do everything possible to annihilate and therefore send into oblivion one of the few hopes that remains to speak out against injustice.

There is no doubt that sentiments that disparage MMD will increase thereby de=motivating many members.

Our advice to the MMD hierarchy is to suggest for  an immediate national executive committee (NEC) meeting to be held at the earliest opportunity to resolve the various deep problems that may ultimately split and polarize the party even further.

There is no question that each member may hold a different view of what has happened and equally questions are being asked about the quorum and make up of the last meeting which expelled party national secretary Richard Kachingwe.

Similarly the allegations by Major Kachingwe against the President Dr. Nevers Mumba need to be resolved.

We are of course wary that the registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki is featuring in the double membership of Dr. Mumba.  His involvement in this matter is highly suspect and must be questioned by all well-meaning people.

Our appeal therefore is for the party to hold an urgent NEC meeting to put to rest or indeed to further investigate allegations that have been bundled around.

It would not do to debate issues in the media because some media houses will be quite happy to see MMD crumble.  We are interested in ensuring that Zambia has a strong opposition which will provide checks and balances to the government.