Copperbelt UPND welcomes Andeleki’s departure

United party for National Development (UPND) on the Copperbelt has described the resignation of Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki as a relief to many Zambians.

Copperbelt UPND Spokesman Kennedy Kalunga said Mr Andeleki proved to be a ‘nightmare’ to the people of Zambia especially the opposition political parties and NGOs.

Mr Kalunga claimed that Mr Andeleki’s intention to stand in Southern Province would be meaningless because of the wrong motives he harbours.

He wondered how Andeleki could serve people when he was busy fighting Christians when it was alleged that he was a Muslim.

“We would like to welcome the resignation of former registrar of societies Clement Andeleki because we feel it will be a relief to many Zambians as he had proved to be a nightmare to the people of Zambia more especially the opposition and NGOs, and we are aware as a party that Andeleki will contest Livingstone by-election on the ruling PF ticket and we are promising Andeleki that come February 28 we are going to defeat him and his party PF.

Mr Kalunga also urged other characters like Andeleki who were still in government with wrong motives to quickly follow his (Andeleki) footsteps before they destroy the country’s democratic principles.

Mr Andeleki quitted his position as a civil servant to serve the country at another level barely 24 hours after refuting speculations of his leaving the office.

Mr Andeleki who refused to disclose his next move said his decision to resign from his position was simply to enable him serve the nation at another level.

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  1. let him go this good for noting Hippocrate and will pay dearly for his evil against the pipo of HH and UPND.

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