Sata’s failure to cage Masebo shocks UPND

THE failure by President Michael Sata to reprimand Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo is shocking, says UPND vice president Richard Kapita.

In an interview, Mr. Kapita said that that it would be prudent for President Sata to discipline his Minister for alarming the nation.

He said that the silence by President Sata confirmed the fears the people of Zambia have had in the past 15 months of the PF in government  lacking leadership in addressing challenges the nation was faced with.

“The statement by Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo about the Zambian Airspace raised a lot of concern for many Zambians and it should also particularly raise concern and attract attention from the President. That statement suggesting that there were foreign planes landing on the Zambian land without being detected was scarly and it scares Zambians. I am particularly concerned that not even President Michael Sata has said anything to reprimand Masebo over these matters,” he said.

Mr. Kapita said that if such a statement was made anywhere in the world the least punishment they could get was to be dropped.

He said that Masebo’s statement revealed that Zambia had a porous airspace where anyone could run from anywhere, adding that the statement had implications on the security system of the nation and its people at large.

“I am sure that people in the defence forces should be concerned with that statement too. So why can’t Ms. Masebo and serve government the embarrassment she has caused the PF government? Why can’t she go for making such an alarming statement like that? Tell me?” said Mr. Kapita.

Mr. Kapita appealed to the Police and other security agencies to institute investigations in the revelations made by Ms. Masebo over the security of the nation because her statement alarmed the nation.

He said Masebo’s statement was a big challenge to the defence force of the nation, as she directly exposed the nation elements with ill thinking about the country.