Kaingu worried by spying

MMD vice president for Politics Michael Kaingu says his family is troubled over the threats on his life by state agents who are spying on him.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Kaingu said that his family was troubled and worried in the manner suspected officers from the Special Branch of the Office of the President conduct themselves.

He narrated a case where, “These people came driving a Red GRZ Nissan Hardboard and made reservations for accommodation and while our people (workers) were attending to them, they secretly sneaked into the game park. The concern my family is a rising is that these people can plant things to implicate me such as weapons, drugs even marijuana just a few months ago we saw how they vigorously searched MMD officials,” said Dr. Kaingu a critic of President Michael Sata.

He said that the suspected Special Branch officers spotted at Dr. Kaingu’s Kozo Lodge in Choma last week did not only sneak into the animal park but also left unnoticed by the lodge owners.

Angela the wife of Dr. Kaingu complained that state agents believed to be officers from the office of the President were harassing and upsetting the family.

Mrs. Kaingu said that she was now worried about the life of her husband which she said was under serious threat from the state.

She said that the situation was so bad that the family had been forced to report the matter to the Police for record in case of trouble to Dr. Kaingu or any of his family members.

Mrs. Kaingu told the Daily Nation over the weekend that there was a team of officers from the Special Branch trailing her husband and spying on what he was doing.

“I went to report these strange activities by people we suspect are from State House’s special branch, I have said State House because of the vehicles they were using to visit our Lodge and spy on us. Our husband’s life is in danger and ours too. She wondered why her family was being spied on when government had stopped giving the Kozo lodge business, adding that the PF government should come out clean on the issues of spying on leaders in the opposition.

“We are aware that government no longer gives us business and we have been struggling to sustain the activity. We don’t know the motive behind this spying if not against the MMD vice president who happens to be our husband. I am saying this because they never even use the rooms they reserve. They never even said goodbye.”

Police source at Choma Police Station confirmed the report saying that Dr. Kaingu’s wife had lodged a complaint and have since instituted investigations in the matter.