Rethink your action-Kachingwe advised

The MMD on the Copperbelt has said that the parallel structure formed by Major Kachingwe and Namugala would backfire because it was working against the interest of the party. 

Copperbelt province publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo advised that Major Kachingwe and his group should not extend their differences at NEC level to the lower party structures of the party if they really love the MMD.

He has also condemned the decision by the parallel structure to field candidates for the Livingstone central and Mpongwe by-elections saying that this would only cause confusion in the minds of the voter.

“What are we going to gain as a party if we start dividing ourselves and in whose interest if we may ask? This decision will send wrong signals and may be misinterpreted by the general membership that the fight is really not about Dr Nevers Mumba but to destabilize the MMD as a party.

“We would like to advise them to abandon that route because it will confuse and weaken the party further. We would like to state that we shall always speak out against wrong things regardless of which camp because MMD is bigger than Dr Nevers Mumba or Catherine Namugala.

“The warring parties should quickly accord dialogue a chance so that these squabbles can come to an end as soon as possible if both parties have the interest of the party. There can be no problem whether big or complicated that cannot be resolved,” Mtayachalo advised.

He said Dr Mumba being a leader should extend an olive branch to those that were criticising his leadership and dialogue.

He said confrontation or pride does snot pay as both parties may end up losing because party members were watching and that party leaders should emulate late Abraham Lincoln’s method to resolve the impasse.

Mr Mtayachalo observed that the current leadership of the party had a responsibility to harmonious the situation and ensure that MMD continues to be relevant to the political process of the country.

He warned that the continued bickering amongst top leaders may force the party to call for an extraordinary convention so that the leaders could seek a fresh mandate.

“Expulsions and suspension of members in the party will not resolve the problems the party is facing because it will just polarize the situation further. We also want to appeal once more to former President Banda to use his wisdom and abundant wealthy of experience to help diffuse the situation before things gets out of hand,” he said.