Namulambe’s adoption by PF retrogressive – Milupi

THE adoption of former Mpongwe MMD Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe who is facing corruption and abuse of office cases before the courts of law by the Patriotic Front (PF) government is a clear testimony that President Michael Sata has no capacity to fight corruption, says Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi.

In an interview, Mr. Milupi said that it was clear now that the pronouncement made by President Sata that he was allergic to corruption had come under seArious scrutiny because of the way he was handling the fight against corruption by appointing people or individuals appearing before courts on charges of corruption and abuse of office.

He said the adoption of Mr. Namulambe to contest  the seat on the PF ticket when he was still facing corruption charges in the courts of law was a clear blow to the fight against corruption.

“It baffles me to realize that the pronouncements made by

President Sata that he was allergic to the fight against corruption had taken a different sharp twist. His pronouncement contradicts his action,” he said.

Mr. Milupi observed that the pronouncement made by President Sata about his desire to fight corruption did not tally with his actions.

He said that some acquittals by the courts of law seemed to be stage managed because upon the acquittals people were appointed into Foreign Service or appointed to head a particular board and so on and so forth.

Mr. Milupi cited the adoption of Mr. Namulambe who was currently facing criminal prosecutions in the courts, saying having such a member representing  a party in government that claimed to be allergic to corruption was inimical to the party’s resolve of fighting corruption.

He said it was not right for President Sata to temper with the governance system of the nation with respect to the fight against corruption, adding that the people of Zambia were  upset with what was happening in government.

Mr. Milupi also challenged Mr. Namulambe to exercise

his conscience in his re-adoption to contest on the ruling party ticket owing to the cases that he was facing before the courts of law.