Impeachment calls increase “Panic grips DBZ cartel as indebtedness rises to K30bn”

President Sata has a tendency of disregarding the law therefore he must be impeached before he undermines the rule of law, former deputy minister for Luapula province Besa Chimbaka has demanded.

“We all know that he broke the law by submitting Justice Lombe Chibeskunda’s name to parliament.In the same manner, the appointment of the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito was also against the law because he is a criminal who forged a judge Phiri’s judgement,” Chimbaka said.

Mr Chimbaka said it has become evident that Mr Sata did not believe in the Republic Constitution and would rather have things his way detriment of national interest.

He said there was need for Members of Parliament (MPs) to unite in order to start impeachment proceedings, to save the country.

Mr Chimbaka, one of the 22 rebel MPs when the Pf was in opposition charged Mr Sata had been disregarding the constitution since he was in opposition.

  “We are aware that Sata is capable of destroying the whole constitution in order to suit himself by doing things outside the law. These PF MPs he is dealing with are scared and they can’t push the motion when they know that he is wrong. I am calling upon all opposition MPs to unity and evoke the Article because it is too much of him breaking the law,” he said.

He cited the summoning of President Rupiah Banda by the ACC was clear testimony that the constitution had been disregarded to suit the wishes of Mr Sata.

He warned that Zambia would be in serious trouble if Mr Sata was left to destroy the national document.

The former PF MP said Article 37of the Constitution empowers MPs to evoke the motion in parliament.

He explained that if more than one third of the MPs petition the Speaker to move the motion it would cause the National Assembly to start the impeachment proceedings.

And Article 37 of the constitution states that if a notice is given to the Speaker of the National Assembly signed by not les than one-third of all the members of the National Assembly of a motion alleging that the President has committed any violation of the Constitution or any gross misconduct and specifying the particulars of the allegations and proposing that a tribunal be established under this Article to investigate those allegations. The Speaker shall-

(a) If parliament is then sitting or has been summoned to meet within five days, cause the motion to be considered by the National Assembly within seven days of the notice.

(b) If parliament is not then sitting (notwithstanding that it may be prolonged) summon the National Assembly to meet with twenty-one days of the notice and cause the motion to be considered at that meeting.

The former minister said calls by Zambians that President Sata should be impeached were genuine and should be supported.

2 thoughts on “Impeachment calls increase “Panic grips DBZ cartel as indebtedness rises to K30bn”

  1. The sitting of parliament is due to start soon so this is a perfect time for MMD and UPND and others to impeach the president to cleanse the corrupt system in place and to get a new mandate not based on lies and 90 day promises.
    The people are getting upset that the Zambian airways saga and nchito’s continual abuse of the judiciary along with kabimba’s bad responses to legal issues and taking cadres to the ACC abusing its independence.
    The corruption is not getting less under PF but becoming the norm.
    The president has refused to hold press conferences and inform the public where he went for a week.
    A sick and corrupt president needs to be impeached so Zambia can have a fresh start again.

  2. impeach him now before he destroys what mmd built from the time they took over from his friend kk. we are tired of this dictator

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