Show leadership , Mumba tells Sata

It is shocking and disappointing that President Michael Sata failed to visit the accident scene where over 51 lives perished in a horror road accident in Chibombo, says MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba.

Addressing the press after visiting 10 of the surviving victims who were evacuated to the University Teaching Hospital yesterday, Dr. Mumba said that President Sata should have canceled the swearing in ceremony and attends to critical issues in Chibombo where Zambians died in a horror accident.

Dr. Mumba said that it was not right for President Sata to go ahead and host a swearing in ceremony at State House when people were battling and struggling for their lives in Chibombo.

He said President Sata should call for a national prayer’s day for the church to intercede on the evil spirit hovering over Zambia.

Dr. Mumba took time to pray for accidents victims and later gave them word of encouragement and assured them that all will be well with them.

And one of the survivor in the road carnage said that a landcruiser driven by a white farmer caused the accident.

Speaking from Ward G22 at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Mark Bwalya explained that the accident happened around 07:00 hours after a white farmer over took the bus at a curve and failed to negotiate the road before forcing the truck to leave its lane and ran into an on-coming Post Bus.

He said that he was in the truck together with his uncle identified as Joseph Kasongo and a grade 11 pupil they gave a lift to, when they had the fatal accident.

“I am told that my uncle died on the spot together with Gill Chanda. He is the boy we picked on the way as he was also going to Chililabombwe. I survived by the grace of God. We were coming from South Africa and our truck was loaded with mealie meal,” he said.

51 people dead after the Lusaka bound Postbus collided with a truck belonging to a Congolese trucking company Hermis.

The bodies of the deceased and a few survivors where rushed to Liteta and Kabwe general hospitals and some were evacuated to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

The accident happened at John Chinena area near Chibombo and involved a Mercedes Benz Post bus registration number ABV 4020, which collided with another Mercedes Benz truck registration number 1791AB05 and trailers number 1792AB05 and 1793AB05 which was  heading to DRC.

Dr. Mumba said that the church should pray for a stop to the excessive spilling of blood the country had recorded and seek God’s covenant power for guidance and protection.

“We call upon the Church to step in and pray for our nation that the excessive spilling of blood in our nation be stopped.  This is a spiritual battle between good and evil.  We must stop the evil which seems to be demanding for more blood,” he said.

Dr. Mumba said that his party the MMD would grieve with the families and Zambians on the tragic death of 51 passengers on the Postbus which was headed for Lusaka.

“Our prayers reach out to all affected family members, and wish them God’s strength during this very difficult hour. Any untimely loss of life is a subtraction from our Commonwealth as a nation, and leaves a great deficit,” he said.

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