Scott contradicts Sakeni on referendum

Republican Vice-president Guy Scott has differed with Chief government spokesperson and Minister of Information and Broadcasting Kennedy Sakeni on the mode of adopting the new constitution.
Dr Scott told the New African Magazine’s Darren Moore that the Zambian constitution, which is currently going through provincial debates by an array of stakeholders, would be subjected to a referendum before its adoption.
Mr Sakeni on the other hand  is on record as having said that government has not yet decided as to whether the draft constitution would be subjected to a referendum.
Dr Scott said the draft constitution which should have been out by the start of 2013 would largely reflect the aspirations of the Zambian people who have been craving for a constitution to stand the test of time.
When asked that one of the promises of the Patriotic Front’s manifesto was to create a more participatory democracy through the creation of a new constitution within 90 days and how it was taking shape, Dr Scott explained: “It is on target and that it should be out by the start of 2013. It will be setting in place an adoption process but there should in principle bea referendum which will put the question about what Zambians want changed.”
Dr Scott told the New African Magazine that the proposed presidential running mate clause  would change the political dynamics in Zambia saying that the law would give job security to the Vice-president who would have his own mandate from the electorate.
“Myself, I am not a legal running mate, I am just appointed and can be fired tomorrow and clearly that prevents you from forming a coalition.   Mr Hakainde Hichilema refused the position of vice-president in the PF/UPND failed pact because he would have no security,” Dr Scott told the New African Magazine.