Police accused of conniving with PF

NAREP on the Copperbelt have accused police of  conniving with the ruling Patriotic Front  in the manner they are handling  inter-party conflicts in Mpongwe and Livingstone by-elections.

Party coordinator Jevan Kamanga said there was “overwhelming evidence that proves that regardless of the many offences being perpetrated by PF cadres, the Police seem to be shielding and protecting them.” he said.

This, he said, was very unfair, “Our Candidate in Mpongwe, Mr. Reagan Ndhlovu is appearing in court for offences that are not clear while a UPND cadre in Livingstone is behind bars because he was accused of tearing a PF Chitenge material.”

Mr. Kamanga questioned why PF cadre caught tearing political materials were left to go scot free in spite of reports being made to the Police.

‘How many times have the PF cadres been caught tearing posters, tearing MMD Chitenge materials or even dressing dogs with such? What have the Police done about it, nothing.” He said.

When PF cadres abrogated the law, he said, police turned a blind eye to the offences,” This is not fair.” he said.

Mr. Kamanga has appealed Inspector General, Stella Libongani to conduct themselves fairly when dealing with cadres of the various political parties in the by-elections in Livingstone and in Mpongwe.

“The people are watching and will judge you strongly. We don’t need to educate them on what role the Police Service and not Police Force play in maintaining peace, order and unity in Zambia,” he said.