Disband toothless ACC

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) must be disbanded because it has become toothless and totally compromised by political and executive pressure and is therefore incapable of undertaking a cogent and determined fight against corruption.

And ACC director general Rosewin Wandi has been asked to resign on moral grounds to enable the appointment of a more competent officer who will not bow to external pressure.

Speaking in separate interviews UPND’s Douglas Syakalima and Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali said the reported clearance of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba on charges of corruption by the ACC was an abrogation of duty and abuse of process because Zambians were fully aware of the irregularities involved in the US $500 million Trafigura Oil procurement deal to which the exoneration report made no mention.

Instead of explaining the context of the deal and providing the much desired service of stopping corruption, Mr Tayali said the institution was being used as a clearing agency for corrupt leaders serving in government or the friends of government.

“We are very disappointed and doubt the ability of the Director General to lead us to that corrupt free promised Zambia which the PF sang about during their campaigns,” he said.

Mr Tayali said Zambians would not rest until justice was done, saying “we would like to warn the ACC that the truth has long legs, one day it will catch up with all of them including Mr Kabimba.”

Mr Syakalima wondered how Mr Kabimba could be cleared when he refused to appear before the Commission unless he was accompanied by the PF thugs.

It was a shame, he said for the Director General of the ACC to have cleared the minister because he did not appear for questioning and the public was not aware of any report apart from the interference by Mr Sata.

“This clearance by the ACC is rubbish because the institution its self has been reduced to nothing and should therefore be disbanded. Both the ACC and its director General are useless because there is no law that gives the President the powers to interfere when investigating a senior official.

“We wonder why they are marrying Wynter to Mr Mwamba because as far as we are concerned the defence minister appeared before the commission in a sober manner and it would not be surprising if he was cleared.

“It’s a shame that the two were being dragged to this together when Mr Mwamba exhibited maturity and there was no sign of guilt when he was summoned. Wynter Kabimba must stop being excited because he will be followed no matter what when the UPND forms the next government,” he said.

Mr Syakalima also charged that Mr Sata was responsible for all the irregularities at the institution because of his decision to interfere in the operations of the ACC.

He said first, the President interfered in the ACC by unlawfully removing General Kayukwa and by unlawfully appointing Ms Rosewin Wandi.