Face the people Miyanda tells Sata

President Sata has been challenged to face the people of Zambia and address issues that are contributing to the unbridled antagonism, hatred and tension in the country, Heritage Party President Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda has said.

General Miyanda says the daily quarrels, threats against citizens and defensive tactics by those in power suggests that there was an undeclared war in the country adding that this war of words was now erupting into actual violence.

“President Sata’s silence since he won elections is strange and uncharacteristic for one whose hallmark has been talking and talking for ten years. It is as though somebody or something is now holding him to ransom. To prove that he is not captive, let him appear on live television and radio and face the people of Zambia” he said.

In a press statement obtained by the Daily Nation, General Miyanda said the many contentious issues and serious rumours in the political arena will not go away but may be put to rest by President Sata’s honest interaction with the people adding that a question and answer session by independent presenters may bury the rumours and lies and misconceptions in the country.

“Some issues have a bearing on our national security, a good number are good governance issues, several are real policy and economic issues while others may just be irritating but divisive campaign rhetoric” he said.

General Miyanda said it was imperative that President Sata addresses the nation nearly two years after winning the elections adding that winning an election “is not the be-all and end-all of our political journey and neither is it a blank cheque to do as a winning political party wishes”.

General Miyanda has urged President Sata to address the nation live generally on the Rule of Law, decentralization, Public Order Act, roles of traditional rulers in national affairs, increased arrests of political opponents and whether there is a parallel PF security structure which has been infused in the government main system without following usual stringent government procedures.

“Is it true that our airspace is porous as announced by the Minister of Tourism? What was the rationale for recalling literaly the whole civil service from diplomatic service and what has become of these Zambians and their families?” General Miyanda asked.

The general has also demanded clarification on several appointments “in the light of the obvious family forest as well as the justification of the First Lady’s Office in the Zambian context and why its creation was fast tracked after public criticism.

General Miyanda says President Sata must shed light on the sudden launch of the so called “Link Zambia” before the budgetary allocation by Parliament and why he has now joined the government media which were vilifying him when in opposition but are now his weapons against his erstwhile opposition friends.

“The job description of the Republican President in the Constitution is to provide leadership, or more accurately direction. It is not leadership to keep quiet in the face of uncertainty, division, confusion and tension in the nation” he said.