Report me to police HH tells Sata

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has challenged President Sata to report him to the police if he felt that there was something wrong with his wealth and investing in Zambia.

Mr Hichilema said President Sata was lowering the quality of the Presidency by making Zambians a laughing stock because of his behaviour.

Mr Hichilema advised Mr Sata to be serious with national matters because he was not a President for the Patriotic Front but for all Zambians.

He described as a shame the fact that Mr Sata was not taking the issues raised by the opposition leaders to the Commonwealth as a serious matter.

“Sata wants to divert from the promises he made to the people of Zambia and the issues of violations we made to the Commonwealth by talking about Hakainde’s wealth.

“Because he lacks the idea’s to create jobs he is now interfering with my rights to own property. I don’t invest my money outside the country like other people because I understand what Zambia wants. I create jobs for Zambians by investing in Zambia so that I create employment.

“What is wrong with him? Don’t I have the right to have wealth? That kind of thinking does not belong to the person who is a president. I don’t steal public resources. What does he want me to do with my money? This is illogical and an abuse of human rights,” Hichilema said.

The opposition leader feared that it was this type of behaviour by Mr Sata that would make him refuse to leave office when his term comes to an end in 2016.

Mr Hichilema said the President was indirectly turning away investors by doing what he did  to him that he even had to go to the banks to check on his accounts and that it was abuse of authority and an infringement of his rights.

He said that Mr Sata would be held accountable on the violations he was making but stated that he had no interest whatsoever to remove Mr Sata’s immunity when he comes to power in 2016.

“What Sata should know is that it is a violation of my rights doing what he did but the truth is that I have nothing to fear or hide. Even the commonwealth he is talking about is wondering as to what sort of a man he is.

“Zambians are paying a heavy price because now he is telling us that we are not supposed to have money and property. Because of his failure to give the people of Zambia what he promised them, he has resorted to deporting people every day because of his dictatorial trends.

“Youths have no jobs, here in Mpongwe people have not yet been given fertiliser and there no drugs in hospitals and instead of dealing with these issues, he has decided to deal with the wealth of Hakainde,” he said.

Mr Hichilema Mr Sata had a tendency of diverting from real issues every time people raised them and now he had diverted by talking about the immunity of Mr Rupiah Banda.

“I started doing business a long time ago, I did business during the times of Kaunda, President Chiluba, President Mwanawasa and Mr Banda but he thinks he has come to stop me from doing business.

“I am a citizen of Zambia and he will not stop me from doing what I do because I create employment for the citizens of Zambia.