Violence erupts in Mpongwe

Violence has continued to manifest in Mpongwe ahead of the by elections on February 28 with the ruling PF party taking the centre stage after assaulting an eight month pregnant woman on Monday this week.

NAREP national secretary Mike Muyawala confirmed the incident where 15 PF cadres in a truck attacked NAREP members of one family and in the end ascended on the pregnant woman who was treated at the local hospital and later discharged.

“It is violence at its worst and it is the ruling party in charge, we can do nothin because our supporters are outnumbered” said Muyawala

An on the spot check by the Daily Nation found PF cadres in trucks and buses being ferried throughout the constituency and several intimidating remarks being made by the cadres on loaded trucks and buses.

Efforts to get comments from the police commandants in the area were futile as most of them were shuttling between UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and President Elias Chipimo’s meetings who were in the area to drum up support for the candidates.

“They been attacking us and we know that it is the PF cadres. Even our pregnant women are not safe from these vote hungry PF cadres who have no respect for human life, said Muyawala.

He said it was a pity that the ruling party was promoting violence instead of preaching peace and added that the results of the by elections will tell the citizens that the PF has lost its track of lies and promises.