ACC operating under duress

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) as an institution does not operate independently as it director general is operating on instructions from the head of state.

Nason Msoni said that threats  by President Sata when it had instituted investigations on corruption allegations against the two cabinet ministers Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Mwamba respectively was indicative of the duress they were operating under.

Mr Msoni said the white washing of the two ministers was not dignified as the matter was in the public domain and citizens Should  be informed on the development of the case.

He said it was obvious to every Zambian that the threat by President Sata to the investigative wing was the last straw that broke the zeal by the commission to move forward.

“The threat was a confirmation of the interference by politicians in the operations of the institution. No one believes that the ACC in its current form as an institution operates independently. When we say the institution this institution is no longer fit for purpose and commands no confidence from our citizens this is exactly what we mean,” Msoni said.

He observed that it was a shame that an institution that was so competent in dealing with issues of corruption had now been reduced to a former shadow of itself.

The opposition political figure has since called upon the international community to take note of any allegations levelled against any political opponents of the PF regime and to dismiss such allegations with the contempt they deserved.

“All allegations should be treated as null and void as this institution now lacks integrity and credence to carry out any credible investigation as there has been a lot of interference in its operations by politicians,” he said.

And speaking separately John Phiri a concerned citizen told the Daily Nation that law enforcement agencies had lost their grip to fight and protect Zambians due to political pressure.

Mr Phiri of Mfuwe said that there was need for a law that would ensure that these agencies operate freely without any interference from the powers that may be.

He noted that as things were there was nothing much that Zambians could do to stop what was happening in these institutions because the people in charge of these institutions were Presidential appointees.

“Zambians have seen what is happening in all law enforcement institutions because these agencies are operating on a command from the President hence the outcome of everything they are doing.

“The Zambia Police Stella Libongani has turned the police to a PF police. Investigative wings are enforcing the law on those deemed to be anti PF and one wonders  what sort of leadership we have in these institutions.

“We need a law that will protect these institutions from the powers of the executive and the senior officers should not be Presidential appointees.

“We as Zambians are challenging our law makers to bring out these issues in parliament and we want them to fight until things change. With regards to the clearance of Kabimba by Mrs Wandi, how does one get cleared before being questioned? This is a shame to the Agency and an insult to the Zambian people,” Phiri said.

He advised President Sata to be instituted to operate without interference.