Hichilema endangered by Sata’s exposure

MMD founder member Joe Mwale has accused President Michael Sata of endangering UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s life by exposing his personal and business financial details.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Mwale challenged the Head of State to explain to the nation what crime it is to own wealth, saying the  remarks by the President exposing Mr Hichilema’s wealth was disgraceful.

Mr Mwale stated that it was a shame that the President could not appreciate efforts made by Zambians, who were providing employment to the local people.

He stated that the PF government were happy to see Zambians begging form foreigners who were coming to invest in Zambia to benefit their own countries.

Mr Mwale challenged the PF government to outline the job opportunities they have created so far, adding that if they lacked ideas to create jobs for the people, they should not interfere with people who were ready to develop the country.

“It is really embarrassing that Mr Sata cannot appreciate the little investments coming from the local people who are able to provide employment, and when did it become a crime in Zambia to have wealth?” he asked.

“What Mr Sata has said about Mr Hichilema was a source of worry because his life (Hichilema) can be endangered, how can he say such things publicly, and Zambia has become a laughing stock  to even small countries in Africa,” he said.

He demanded President Sata to also submit Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba to the Common wealth organisation because he was also a business man, including those who were not exposed but were financially stable.

He said Mr Sata was the father of the nation and he was expected to exhibit quality in his governance, but instead the country had been turned into a laughing stock.

Earlier this week, President Sata exposed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s financial and estate records valued at more than KR360million.

President Sata was quoted as having said that the records would be submitted to the Commonwealth organisation, which Mr Hichilema had invited to Zambia to check on alleged human rights violations by the ruling party.