Barotse National Youth League petition Commonwealth

18th February, 2013

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth,

Dear Sir,


We, the Barotseland National Youth League wish to petition the Commonwealth to immediately suspend the Zambian government from being a member of the Commonwealth due to the violations of fundamental human rights contrary to the United Nations Charter which stipulates that all states are bound to uphold and respect fundamental human rights.

We agree with the Zambia opposition party petition to the Commonwealth to forthwith suspend Zambia from the Commonwealth due to fundamental human rights violations.

To substantiate our claim, the following Barotseland Nationals have been kidnapped and treated inhumanly by the Zambian security forces at the directive of Michael Sata who is the Zambian President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for telling the Zambian authorities that they (Zambian Government) are occupying Barotseland illegally contrary to the UN Security Council resolution 276 (1970) and UN General Assembly resolution 2145 (XXI):

  • Mr. Silmesii Mubita
  • Mr. Malamu Muyana
  • Mr. Malimora Mulimo
  • Mr. Christopher Muyendekwa
  • Mr. Tobias Lubasi
  • Kaiko Kaiko
  • Mubiana Muyunda
  • Mulukwa Lubasi and
  • Mrs. Kachana Muyunda, the wife to Chairman General of the Barotseland National Youth League.

The above named Barotseland Nationals were tortured, denied food and water for several days and they were taken round to almost every district of Zambia while in handcuffs without trial.

In addition, many liberation movement members have gone into exile because they are still being hunted down by the same Zambian Security Forces.


Our appeal to the Commonwealth and all the international community is that Zambia should not only be suspended but also be sanctioned for violating both international law and international human rights in order to deter would be offenders.

Sincerely yours,

Barotseland National Youth League:

  • Ikacana Muyunda – chairman-general
  • Boris Muziba Muziba – Deputy chairman-general
  • Masiyaleti Masiyaleti – Deputy Secretary-general
  • Sikwibele Wasilota – National coordinator/Deputy international relations officer
  • Etambuyu Nyambe – Deputy National coordinator/communications officer
  • Likando Likando – operations and mobilization officer
  • Jacob M. Mashwelo – finance controller
  • Nayoto Mwenda – Secretary General
  • Mulonda Akatumwa – Secretary Communications
  • Paul Aongola – committee member
  • Liywali Mukela – committee member
  • Mubiana Simasiku – committee member
  • Sibeso Katete – Trustee
  • Inonge Wakumelo – Trustee
  • Legal Advisor – (Name withheld)