Govt gets tough on cattle importation

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has tightened import protocols on the importation of cattle in the country following the importation of diseased animals by ZAMBEEF from Tanzania.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga told parliament in a ministerial statement today that the measures will include reducing the interval between certification of the animals and the time of export.

Mr Sichinga told the house that 456 of the 500 animals imported from Tanzania and transported to the ZAMBEEF farm in Mpongwe have since been slaughtered and destroyed following an outbreak of Bovine Plural Pneumonia (CBPP) at the farm.

Mr Sichinga says his ministry has further prolonged the quarantine at the farm and surrounding farms beyond the mandated 21 days as a precaution.

He explained that prior to the importation, 5% of the herd of cattle was tested for diseases and that the results came out negative. QFM