Impeachment petition against Sata starts

Opposition Members of Parliament from the UPND and MMD have started proceedings to impeach President Michael Sata.

Highly placed sources within parliament revealed to the Daily Nation that both the UPND and MMD had assigned MMD Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa to start collecting signatures of MPs in support of the impeachment of President Sata.

Solwezi Central Constituency MP Lucky Mulusa last week warned that the opposition would impeach President Sata for constitutional breaches committed since assuming power in 2011.

He said that the PF were relentless and never backed down on various issues, adding that it was only wise for the opposition to also gather momentum and counter the removal of immunity motion by impeaching President Sata.

“We have started the process of impeaching the President and that is the collection of signatures while the other team is putting together the constitutional breaches of Mr. Sata from the time he was voted into power. We have decided to start this process to protect the constitution of the land as well as the people of Zambia,” said Mr. Mulusa.

He said that the other team had been tasked to compile all constitutional breaches by President Sata and would work hand in hand with the legal team from both the UPND and the MMD to formulate the cases before the impeachment motion could be tabled in parliament.

He cited the hounding of Foreign Affaris Ministers Given Lubinda as an example of PF relentless pursuit of their sectarian interest. the PF , he said, had also single mindely decided to petition all the seats it lost and additionally appealed the seats lost in the Suprement court.

“They are not concerned about the effect of their actions” he said.Mr. Mulusa warned that the PF leadership should not take the matter lightly thinking that it would fail to take place.

“We have support from the people of Zambia within the PF and other political parties. People are worried at the level President Sata is breaching the constitution and they are telling us that something should be done to put things in order and the only way of putting things in order is to start theĀ  impeachment proceedings against Mr. Sata,” he said.

And sources at parliament have revealed to the Daily Nation that the attempts to have President Sata impeached might succeed because of the leadership wrangles in the PF government.

The source said that among the people who were in support of the impeachment processes were members of the PF and some were currently serving in cabinet.

“We are shocked that even some Ministers in the PF government are of the view to impeach the President. They are saying that there is too much intolerance and that the President has gone too far in breaching the constitution,” he said.

The members of parliament are also arguing that the appointment and the continuous stay in office of Acting Chief Justice Lombe ChibesaKunda was illegal and unconstitutional as she did not qualify on constitutional grounds.