Lubinda’s dismissal condemned

UPND spokesman Charles Kakoma has condemned the humiliating and torturous manner in which Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda has been treated.

It was unfair, he said, that Lubinda was removed from Cabinet before the Party Central Committee found him guilty.

“They should have waited for the due process of disciplinary measures to take their course before removing him.” he said.

The precipitate act of relegating the Minister to the back bench in Parliament without due process was wrong and unfortunate.

The surreptitious dismissal of Foreign Minister Given Lubinda has been described as an exercise in subterfuge totally lacking in transparency, openness and fairness.

“We are however not surprised because the people behind it all are totally lacking in integrity.” Zambia Direct Democracy Movement Coordinator(ZDDM) Edwin Sakala has said. The is something very wrong with the manner Lubinda has been removed from Government. It shows that those responsible are acting without conviction that is why they are hiding behind false accusations.”

He said it was very unfortunate for a ruling party to treat a senior Minister in the disgraceful and unbecoming manner that Lubinda had been treated,” They should have treated him with some decorum rather than humiliate him publicly without gibing any reasons for it.” He said.

He however hoped that the episode would not mark the end of Mr. Lubinda political career, ” He is a well like politicians, perhaps this is a necessary suffering he must suffer to make him even more resilient.” He said.