Hospices shut

Contrary to promises by government, several Hospices providing healthcare for the terminally ill people from various communities remain shut and many others risk shutting down following government’s failure to provide emergency funding for their operations.
And most clinics in Lusaka are in total shambles as they suffer high congestion following a serious shortage of staff with clinics being staffed with clinical officers.
Church Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) public relations officer Yoram Siame said although government had reserved some money for the operations of hospices, the funds have not yet been received.Mr Siame said despite the urgency surrounding the hospices’ need for financial aid, there was no immediate response to reverse the prevailing situation at Kalingalinga and Chilanga Hospices.“We have received the letter with the details of the allocation, but we are still waiting for the money to be deposited into the account for disbursement, we have not yet received the money. We have five (5) hospices which require the financial aid,” he said.
M Siame was responding to the effects of the delayed funding to the hospices which were already inoperative.Government has allocated K1 billion to assist ease operational costs for the five (5) hospices in the country.
And several complaints have been raised over the state of health centres and hospitals in the country which has worried many people who accuse government of attending to wrong priorities at the expense of the health needs of citizens.
A Lusaka resident Rabson Msoni complained that the Patriotic Front (PF) government of being insensitive to the plight of the poor Zambians’ who were the beneficiaries of the healthcare service from the hospices.
Mr Msoni said the two institutions provided free healthcare for the terminally ill especially among the poor Zambians who could not afford the quality care from other private hospitals.
“The government should address the issue of healthcare first before anything else, what good is a sick population to government? The hospices brought relief close to the people, and their closure would be devastating,” he said.