Masebo tribunal uproar grows

The refusal by President Sata to allow the acting Chief Justice to constitute a tribunal to probe breaches of the Parliamentary and Ministerial Code of Conduct Act by Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo undermines the fight against corruption and wrong doings in the PF government says Yotam Mtayachalo.
And Mr Mtayachalo has urged Zambians to rise up and demand that a tribunal be put in place as soon as possible so that Ms Masebo could clear herself on the serious allegations levelled against her.
“If Ms Masebo is indeed innocent why is the President dragging his feet to authorize the probe if really the PF government is allergic to corruption. This is not the first time the minister has been mentioned in allegations of corruption even when she was in MMD, the issue of procurements of hearses has not been put to rest and we feel it is important that her name is cleared,” he said.
The Copperbelt based MMD member said the delaying tactics in the Masebo tribunal was one of the reasons why the PF government had lost the legitimacy to fight corruption.
He said the current regime had embraced a lot of people who were facing corruption allegations in various courts of law in its ranks while at the same time saying that there shall be no sacred cows in PF.
“Masumba has been found with the case to answer by the court over his forgery case but he is still in office and drawing public funds. Where is the morality honestly speaking, God save Zambia.
“The PF government and institutions like the ACC and the Police are just proactive in investigating former MMD leaders and former President Rupiah Banda just to tarnish the image of the party and the former Head of State.
“It is high time Zambians woke up from their slumber and not wait for twenty-seven or twenty years to realize that things are not okay because it is detrimental to the nation as politicians will continue to take Zambians for granted. Zambians should instead hold their government accountable for failed promises,” Mtayachalo said.
He observed that there was a lot of double standards at play in the so called graft fight and because Zambians like keeping quiet the PF regime thinks it would have a field day.
The opposition leader said that it was for this reason that institutions like the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) had lost credibility because their directors had allowed themselves to be used by government.
He charged that director generals at both institutions had tarnished the names of the once credible bodies because of their decisions to take sides while causing embarrassment to the agencies.