Violence erupts in Livingstone

Livingstone town yesterday erupted into violence when UPND and PF cadres clashed and fought running battles soon after rallies to drum up support for parliamentary candidates ended.
This was after both President Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema decided to tour the town.
It is reported that armed PF cadres some from Lusaka went into town and tried to stop opposition leaders from taking rounds.
They were booed and the UPND came to the aid of the residents and UPND cadres disarmed the noisy  PF cadres.
The vigilant UPND cadres managed to over power the PF cadres who scampered in all directions together with the police officers and took control of the town.
Earlier the PF team hired more than 50 taxis to ferry people to Villa grounds where President Sata beefed up support for his parliamentary candidate Evans Lawrence.
A check by the Daily Nation found taxi drivers refuelling at a filling station near New Fairmount Hotel before going to Harry Nkumbula Airport to welcome Mr Sata.
The drivers were each given 6 litres of fuel to enable them go round the town and make noise with the Donchi Kubeba slogan before heading to the airport.
Apart from the taxis about 6 trucks were also seen ferrying cadres from Choma to drum up support for the ruling party in Livingstone.
From the Airport the taxi convoy was allowed to be in front of the Presidential motorcade as the curtain raisers for the PF.
And Bweengwa constituency MP Hive Hamududu condemned the use of government resources by the Patriotic Front in a wasteful manner and wondered why they could not use that money in hospitals.