Corrupt PF Government

We have said before and would like to repeat that the PF Government is corrupt. It embraces corrupt individuals and institutions and allows corruption within its Government..

Our position has been fully justified and reinforced by High Court Judge Mubanga Kondolo who has rejected an application made by the Bank of Zambia to suppress information disclosing mismanagement, fraud and abuse of authority.

That Judgment reveals that the Central Bank is compromised, seriously so and unless it redeems itself the future is bleak.

The bank must redeem itself on a number of fronts where it appears to have capitulated to executive pressure.

This is intolerable and uncalled for because public interest must override political concerns.

In this particular instance we know that the “corrupt” application was made by a private law firm, Nchito and Nchito ostensibly at the behest of the bank although we have our own doubts considering the track record of the people involved.

It is particularly disgraceful, disagreeable, distasteful and totally untenable that our Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito is at the heart of such a criminal undertaking.

Firstly we would like to question the propriety of the highest bank in Zambia, the Bank of Zambia to apply to the courts of law to suppress information about wrong doing within its ranks.

What moral, legal or indeed management right will the Bank exercise in supervising impropriety in other Banks if it can not keep its own house in order?

Secondly how much has the Bank paid Nchito and Nchito for such flawed and obviously obnoxious advice as suggested in defeating the cause of integrity, good governance and uprightness; and why indeed should the Zambian people pay such a corrupt company which submits to court a matter that is contrary to public policy.

Perhaps more importantly, why has the Bank of Zambia continued to retain the services of a company associated with Mutembo Nchito who has many cases of doubtful integrity surrounding him.

We find it difficult to believe that the Bank requires the services of such a corrupt company when there are many outstanding law firms that have no history of corruption, bad faith and impropriety.

Finally we find it difficult that the entire Bank of Zambia could not discern  from  circumstances and developments that there was a  conflict of interest in retaining MNB and Nchito and Nchito considering that Mutembo Nchito was one of the partners while he was also the lead prosecutor in the defunct Task Force against Corruption.

To what extent did advice offered by his firm to the Bank conflict or correspond with the matters that he prosecuted on behalf of the state ?

It is also important that the Law Association of Zambia must provide some guidance over the manner in which one person can serve in two related capacities that would appear to hold contradictory interests.

The moral of the Judgment by Justice Mubanga Kondolo is the emphasis on probity, integrity and honesty.

These qualities are the hallmarks of propriety without which any action is invalid, null and void. Even those who propose such action are not only suspect but lack integrity. There are many lessons from the judgment of Justice  Mubanga Kondolo who  threw out the application by Nchito and Nchito to suppress documents that  exposed massive wrong doing concerning the management of funds and assets. The Judge confirmed widely held suspicions that there was massive plunder in the assets

It is time that the Patriotic Front re-assessed its position and relationship with unsavory characters who are not adding value to the corruption crusade.