Cuban support misplaced

Wynter Kabimba’s support for Cuba against the US is shocking and undesirable as it is not in the best interest of the nation, says Solwezi Central MMD Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa.

In a statement made available to the Daily Nation, Mr. Mulusa said that Kabimba’s statement was outdated as it did not only expose the PF government but also revealed the desperation for the party leadership.

Mr. Mulusa said it was time the PF government and Kabimba in particular informed trhe nation about what was happening with its leadership.

“How does Kabimba’s declaration that Zambia supports Cuba against the US assist our renaissance? That out dated statement by Kabimba shows that he went there for something else. I know that it was not for the purpose of strengthening the cultural, health nor educational alliances with Cuba. One then can only suspect that the only reason Kabimba went to Cuba was to probably pretend to be looking for suitable medical facilities for whoever it is. What more with the fact that Cuba keeps on giving Hugo Chaves new leases of life? Cuba must definitely be a better destination than England and India,” he said.

Mr. Mulusa also said that Kabimba wanted to reign of the PF leadership as could be seen in the manner he was hounding out whoever was closer to President Sata.

He advised Mr. Kabimba to achieve economic development for the nation rather than spending time and public resources on agendas that won’t benefit the nation and its people.

“You need to ensure that there is local economic development through enhanced citizens’ participation in the economic activities that underwrite the value chain of their GDP. I wish to be factual in my argument. This is the summary of Zambia’s journey to emancipation and it should guide our leaders’ thoughts and pronouncements so that there is a golden thread in the meeting of minds on our journey to emancipation,” he observed.

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