Sata betrays Lubinda

FORMER Foreign Affairs Given Lubinda feels betrayed by President Michael Sata for his current situation he has found himself in despite the President assuring him that all was well.

A source who is also close family friend to Mr. Lubinda told the Daily Nation that what was happening now had upset the Kabwata parliamentarian who thought President Sata was on his side after he was assured that all was well.

The source said that what had upset Mr. Lubinda the most was the fact that the allegations leveled against him were a total fabrication which the President was aware of.

He said that what was surprising was that the President seems to be supporting people who were accusing Mr. Lubinda of having betrayed the party. The source revealed that Mr. Lubinda was shocked when he was informed by the speaker of the National Assembly about the development which was not communicated to him by the appointing authority.

“What these people wanted was to have Mr. Lubinda resign on his own accord after they put pressure on him. But because he didn’t step down on his own the President had to fire him without notifying him at all.

They wanted to embarrass him and even he is aware of the scheme by these PF guys,” he said. The source said that despite several meetings Mr. Lubinda had with the President no indication was made to him that he would be treated in the manner that was now unfolding.

“It is like Mr. Lubinda had serious discussions with the President over the allegations leveled against him by the party and it is evident that Mr. Lubinda informed the President that there are some people within the party whose aim is to finish him politically and are being led by the party’s Secretary General whose agenda is to lead the PF once the president retires.

And the President assured Mr. Lubinda that all was well and he should not worry because he is the final authority but at the rate things are happening, he has realized that President Sata backstabbed him and he feels betrayed by the President,” he said.

The source said that Mr. Lubinda had also intimated to close family friends that he would be able to tell the nation why Wynter Kabimba hated him to the extent of kicking him out of the party he helped to form government.

The source who is a close family friend and also a PF official said that, “what had relieved Mr. Lubinda is word of encouragement from opposition political party leaders who have offered him support. The source said that even other senior PF members were disappointed in the manner the party was handling and treating Mr. Lubinda who they said had a passion for the PF and its leadership.

But when contacted on the matter Mr. Lubinda said that for now he was unavailable for any comments to the press because his issues were being looked into by the party’s supreme organ and was happy that soon the issue would come to an end.